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Unbridled Commitment

We are grateful to serve the farmers we so deeply respect and admire.

Close up of Soybeans.
Revere: to show deep respect or admiration for something or someone
Do What's Right, Not what's easy - Revere Seed

We believe

1.) It starts with seed

There’s no other decision that farmers make each year that impacts the potential outcome of each season more than the seed they chose to plant. That’s why providing quality seed that can be planted with confidence, while making seed decisions simple and easy is our first and most important commitment to farmers.

2.) In telling the truth about farming

The story of American agriculture and farmers is being told through the lens of fear and ignorance. Farmers should be revered for their commitment, not criticized. We are determined and unapologetic about telling their true story.

3.) In simplicity

We are intentional about keeping things simple. Complexity has become the seed industry rule, creating confusion, at Revere, providing a simple and efficient customer experience is our promise.

Unbridled Honor

We appreciate our veterans and are dedicated to supporting causes that give back to the men and women that have given so much to our country.

Tractor on a Farm with a waving American flag.