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Forage Characteristics

Forage Characteristics

Alfalfa Agronomic Characteristics

Alfalfa Agronomic Characteristics

DISEASE KEY: HR = Highly Resistant, R = Resistant, S = Suspectable, NR = No Rating



Conventional Alfalfa

Conventional Alfalfa Products
Conventional Alfalfa Products Continued

Clover Options

Revere White & Domino White Clover
Revere Red Clover 3 Year
Frosty Berseem Clover
Fixation Balansa Clover
Revere Crimson Clover

Cool Season Mixtures

Grass Hay Mix
All Grass Versa Mix
Grass-All Mix
Revere Spring Forage Oats & Spring Peas Mix
Bale Buster Mix

Cool Season Grasses

Orchardgrass Products
Revere Tall Fescue Endo Free
Erecta Timothy
Annual Ryegrass Products
Italian Ryegrass 4N
Perennial Ryegrass 4N & 2N
Smooth Bromegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Forage

Cereal Grain Options

AC Nicolas Oats
Cosaque Black Seeded Oats
Forage Oats
Revere Cereal Rye CA

Brassica Options

Revere Cover Crop Radish
Barkant Turnips
T Raptor Hybrid Brassica
Trophy Rape
Rocky Chicory

Summer Annuals

Sorghum X Sudangrass Products
Pearl Millet BD & BMR BD
Teff Grass
Forage Sorghum 95 BMR BD

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